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Publish a document

From Calaméo Knowledge Base

Once you have created your account, you can start publishing right away!


To publish your first document, click on the ‘’Create a publication…’’ blue button.


Then click on the ‘’Browse’’ green button.


Select the document you want to publish on our platform and give it a title.


Chose a format and a category to classify your publication.


Your publication is considered public unless you tick the « private » box.


In the ‘’More option’’ section, you can give a short description of your publication.


In the ‘’Sharing options’’ section, set up the options regarding comments, downloads, printing and license of your publication. You can also choose to allow or not the creation and access to mini Calaméos.


If you want to, you can also change the skin by default for another one provided by our tool.


Then you just have to click on the ‘’Start uploading’’ green button to launch the publishing process.


While the publication is being processed, wait until it’s done.


Voilà! Your document is published!

You can now chose to share it on social media, as well as embed it onto your website or your blog.

To know more about these options, check out our other tutorials.