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Insert a video

From Calaméo Knowledge Base

Calaméo is the only online publishing platform where you can add Youtube videos to illustrate your publication.

To add a Youtube video to your publication, click on the "Share" button on the bottom of the video you want to duplicate.

Select the "long link" by ticking the appropriate box. Copy the given link.

Colorado Country Side 1.png

Back to Calaméo, click on "Links editor" on your publication presentation page.

Add video 1.png

Click on the arrow on the top right corner.

Add video 2.png

Select "Add a Youtube video to the publication".

Add video 3.png

Click on the red square.

Add a video 4.png

Copy the YouTube link into the box provided : "Enter the url of the YouTube video".

Add a video 5.png

If you want your video to play as soon as your reader open the publication or stop the background music while playing, tick the provided boxes. If you want to enlarge or reduce the size of the video, change the numbers inside the W and H boxes.

Add a video 6.png

You can also move your video either with your mouse or by changing the values in the X and Y boxes.

Add a video 8.png

Finally don’t forget to click on "Modify" before saving your modifications at the end of your work!

Add a video 10.png Add a video 7.png