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Create a library widget

From Calaméo Knowledge Base

You’ve created a series of publications and you’d like to use our library widget to present it? Good idea! It’s a very attractive way to present your publications and you can easily embed it into your blog or into your website.

First, go to the "Your publications" page:

Library 1.png

Click on the blue link "Embed as a library widget":


Your publications classified as "private" won’t appear inside your library.

If you have several subscriptions, you can select just one of them to avoid importing the global account. You might only need some of the publications into your library, not all of them.

The "Customize the library widget" will allow you to personalize your library:


Choose the background theme, the number of rows and the size of the thumbnails to design your personal digital library.

Library 4.png

Choose between the different options the ones that would suit your publications better:

Library 5.png

Once it’s done, copy the embed code and integrate it directly to your blog or to your website.

To integrate it to your blog, insert the link into a new post. Save it and press the publish button.

Library 6.png

Your library widget is now featured on your blog!

Library 7.png