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From Calaméo Knowledge Base

Before using picture and other elements, you will need to tell Calaméo where to find them. Skin elements can be loaded from medias like PNG, JPEG and GIF files.


Attribute Description
name A string which will be used to reference the media.
source The absolute URL of the graphic resource to load.


<media name="lib" source="" />

Using a media canvas

When using a media canvas, you are not accessing referenced assets like in Flash-based libraries. A media asset is extracted from a defined region of the canvas.

The format is lib#x,y,w,h with:

  • x = distance between the left side of the canvas and your button
  • y = distance between the top side of the canvas and your button
  • w = width of the button
  • h = height of the button

For instance:

<media name="lib" source="" />
<button action="..." upState="lib#0,0,35,35" />


Let's have a look at:


lib refers to our media file previously loaded by means of a media element.

  • x = 30
  • y = 30
  • w = 60
  • h = 50