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From Calaméo Knowledge Base

This element is used to display any content from a media or library.


Attribute Description
Positionning See the Position attributes reference
Sizing See the Size attributes reference
Depth See the Depth attribute reference
Background See the Background attributes reference
Behaviors NEW See the Behaviors attribute reference
symbol Reference a library graphic resource
source Absolute URL of a media to use. Supported medias are JPEG, GIF, PNG and SWF.
autoResize Scale the loaded graphic resource to fit the element size. It can be either true or false
maintainAspectRatio If autoResize is enabled, specifies if the resize should respect the graphic resource width/height ratio. It can be either true or false.
url Absolute URL to display when the user click on the element.

You can display some basic HTML inside an element by adding a child CDATA node to it:

    <![CDATA[Insert HTML code here]]>