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From Calaméo Knowledge Base

Use the Calaméo API to seamlessly integrate publishing and other advanced features in your applications.

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Basic techniques to access the API.



Action Description
API.getAccountInfos Get information on an account
API.fetchAccountSubscriptions Fetch the subscriptions of an account
API.fetchAccountBooks Fetch the publications of an account
API.fetchAccountSubscribers Fetch the subscribers of you account


Action Description
API.getSubscriptionInfos Get information on a subscription
API.fetchSubscriptionBooks Fetch the publications of a subscription
API.fetchSubscriptionSubscribers Fetch the subscribers of a subscription


Action Description
API.getBookInfos Get info on a publication
API.activateBook Activate a publication
API.deactivateBook Deactivate a publication
API.updateBook Update a publication's properties
API.deleteBook Permanently delete a publication
API.fetchBookTocs Fetch the table of content of a publication
API.fetchBookComments Fetch the comments of a publication
API.renewBookPrivateUrl Change the private URL secret key of a private publication


Action Description
API.publish Publish a document
API.publishFromUrl Publish a document from an URL
API.publishFromText Publish a document from inline text
API.revise Upload a new version of an existing publication
API.reviseFromUrl Upload a new version of an existing publication from an URL
API.reviseFromText Upload a new version of an existing publication from inline text


Action Description
API.getSubscriberInfos Get info on a subscriber
API.activateSubscriber Activate a subscriber
API.deactivateSubscriber Deactivate a subscriber
API.addSubscriber Add a new subscriber to a subscription
API.updateSubscriber Update a subscriber properties
API.deleteSubscriber Permanently delete a subscriber
API.fetchSubscriberBooks Fetch a subscriber's publications
API.authSubscriberSession Authenticate a subscriber login/password and create a subscriber session
API.checkSubscriberSession Validate a subscriber session
API.deleteSubscriberSession Terminate a subscriber session

Subscriber DRMs

Action Description
API.fetchSubscriberDRMSingles Fetch the Single DRMs of a subscriber
API.fetchSubscriberDRMPeriods Fetch the Period DRMs of a subscriber
API.fetchSubscriberDRMSeries Fetch the Series DRMs of a subscriber
API.addSubscriberDRMSingle Add a new Single DRM to a subscriber
API.addSubscriberDRMPeriod Add a new Period DRM to a subscriber
API.addSubscriberDRMSerie Add a new Series DRM to a subscriber
API.updateSubscriberDRMPeriod Update an existing Period DRM of a subscriber
API.updateSubscriberDRMSerie Update an existing Series DRM of a subscriber
API.deleteSubscriberDRMSingle Permanently delete a Single DRM of a subscriber
API.deleteSubscriberDRMPeriod Permanently delete a Period DRM of a subscriber
API.deleteSubscriberDRMSerie Permanently delete a Series DRM of a subscriber
API.clearSubscriberDRMs Permanently delete all DRMs of a subscriber

Error Codes

A comprehensive list of all Error Codes returned by the API.

Resources & Examples

Download resources to work with