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From Calaméo Knowledge Base

This action allows you to recover the information about your account.



The API key must have the commons access right.
Name Required Type Description
apikey yes string API public key
signature yes string Signature of the request. See How To Sign Your Requests.
expires yes timestamp UNIX timestamp for request expiration (GMT).
output string Format of the response. Either XML (default), JSON or PHP.


Name Type Description
ID integer Account's ID
Name string Account's name.
City string Town/city of the account.
Country string Country of the account, using the official two-letter code format
WebsiteName string Name of the website.
WebsiteUrl string Address of the website.
PublicUrl string Public URL of the account.

Example responses


</response> </pre> -->


  response: {
    requestid: ...,
    requests: ...,
    status: ok,
    content: {
      ID: ...,
      Name: ...,
      Type: ...,
      City: ...,
      Country: ...,
      Description: ...,
      WebsiteName: ...,
      WebsiteUrl: ...,
      PublicUrl: ...

Error codes

See the Error Codes.